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Episode 5 - Proactive Pete and the The Benefits of Implementing a Lubrication System that Includes Pumps and Reels That Can Yield Substantial Benefits.

Today we would like to tell you about the benefits of Implementing an lubrication system that includes pumps and reels that can yield substantial benefits, potentially covering its own cost within the first year through generated savings.

Various aspects of production, such as uptime, maintenance, repair, safety, and environmental compliance, as well as the expenses related to lubricants and machine replacements, all experience positive impacts. For instance, in industries like automotive, agricultural, earth-moving, mining. and the paving industry, where significant numbers of bearings are replaced annually, the cost per replacement, coupled with labor expenses, can accumulate to substantial figures.

By reducing the need for bearing replacements by even 50 percent, significant savings in both labor and material costs can be achieved. The cost of implementing such a system varies widely, from modest sums for small-scale setups to significant investments for comprehensive solutions covering entire plants. The justification for the expense hinges on factors such as the number of lubrication points requiring attention and the scale of the application.

Barrel pumps and reels can range from lubricating individual bearings to servicing entire production lines, with the complexity of controls and monitoring systems tailored accordingly. Factors like the nature and value of the machinery, production line output, and bearing costs all play crucial roles in evaluating the cost-effectiveness of implementing a clean, Efficient and safe environment. Thanks for watching. and have a great day.


• Protecting People

• Preserving Heavy Machinery


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