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  • The BEKA F-Series is designed to provide lubricant within a central lubrication system or to single lubrication points, independent of ambient temperatures. The F-Series is the ultimate solution for applications requesting a larger amount of lubricant by a progressive, a dual line or multi-line system.

    The F-series contains three pump models, the F6, F-Super and F-Super 3, and comes with a variety of reservoir capacities. The pump can be driven by the machine that has to be lubricated or by its own geared motor.

BEKA F-Series - Multi-Line Lubrication

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  • System overview

    Reservoir with agitator blade
    The grease reservoirs are equipped with paddle blades which tumble out possible air inclusions and press the medium into the suction chambers at the same time.

    Pressure limiting valve
    The pressure limiting valve at the pump element is preadjusted to 250 bar (F6) or 280 bar (F-Super) to protect the system against overload.

    Pump elements
    The pump elements are installed into the pump housing in circular form on 1 or 2 levels. Three pump elements with different flow rates are available, as well as a flow-adjustable pump element. All pump elements are marked either with a groove or with a notch for a better differentiation.

    Adjustment of the delivery rate is possible for the pump elements PE 120 V or PE 560 V. The PE 560 V is only available for the F-super 3.

    Filling connection
    The grease reservoir can be refilled via the reservoir cover, or via the filling connection with a filter at the bottom of the pump. If requested by the customer, the pumps can also be equipped with an electrical minimum level (standard) or maximum level monitoring

    Working principle

    The pumps in the F-Series are driven by the to be lubricated machine or by a flanged motor. When the pump is activated, the delivery piston inside the pump unit pumps the lubricant to the pump elements. The pump elements transfer the grease to the main and secondary progressive distributors, or to the metering valves to deliver the lubricant to the
    lubrication points.

    When the system is set-up as a multi-line system, the grease is transferred from the pump elements to the lubrication points directly. 

    Pumping elements
    Depending on the pump type up to 21 lubricant outlets can be installed on the pump. A separate pump element is required for each outlet. Three pump elements with different flow rates are available, as well as 2 flow-adjustable pump elements. All pump elements are marked either with a groove or with a notch for a better differentiation.

    The pump elements can be equipped with a visual malfunction indicator on the pressure relief valve. If a malfunction should occur in the lubrication system and operating pressure rises, a red pin becomes visible

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