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Modular and versatile pump.

  • With grease reservoirs sizes from 4 to 30 liters, the GIGA is the ideal pump of a medium to large central lubrication system. Up to 3 independent from each other lubrication cycles can be connected to the central lubrication pump. On the other hand, the lubricant quantities of up to 3 pump elements can be brought together via internal channels.

    Clever design makes the GIGA pump usable for progressive, single line, dual line and sectional systems.

     The modular GIGA pump is available in three control configurations:

    • Without controller (to connect the pump directly to the vehicles or machine electronics.
    • Basic controller: GIGA Tronic
    • Advanced controller with display: GIGA Multitronic

    Thanks to the modular structure, pumps can be customized from the simplest configuration and function to complex monitoring of the entire central lubrication system.

BEKA GIGA - Progressive Lubrication

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  • A GIGA progressive lubrication system consists of the following components:

    • GIGA with GIGA-tronic control.
    • Main distributor (shown is SXE-2).
    • Secondary distributor (shown is MX-F).
    • Secondary distributor (shown is MX-F).
    • Secondary distributor (shown is LX-4).
    • Lines to the individual lubrication points.

    At a progressive system is the lubricant under pressure supplied to the main and the secondary distributors and progressively distributed to the lube points, dosed by means of a follower piston control.

    GIGA Sectional

    • GIGA PLUS with GIGA-multitronic control.
    • Outlet position one progressive distributor (shown is the SXE-2 with proximity switch).
    • Outlet position two progressive distributor (shown is the LX-2 with proximity switch).
    • Outlet position three progressive distributor (shown is the SXE-2 with proximity switch).
    • Lines to the individual lubrication points.


    The sectional system is an extended progressive system. Systems or machine groups are divided into sections and are only lubricated when they are used.

    The following components are already installed into the GIGA PLUS pump with the sectional function (per section). They do not have to be ordered additionally:

    • solenoid valve
    • external pressure limiting valve

    A progressive central lubrication system largely comprises a central lubrication pump and progressive distributors. The central lubrication pump pumps the lubricant into a main distributor. This distributes the lubricant in the correct ratio to the secondary distributors, which then distribute the lubricant to the lubrication points.

    As soon as the lubrication in the respective lubrication circuit is finished, the line pressure is automatically relieved, so that the lubricant is protected against bleeding.

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