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The BEKA OKG-OC Series is a range of electrically actuated oil lubrication pumps with up to 21 lubrication outlets. The complete series contains a wide range of different pump types which are used as a multiline lubrication system for a variety of industrial applications.

BEKA OKG-OC Series - Multi-Line Lubrication

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  • System overview Filling coverThe OKG-OC pumps are equipped with a filling cover to make it easier to fill the reservoir with oil. Below the cover a large sieve is located to filter contaminations out of the lubricant. Level monitorThe OKG-OC range can be equipped with an electronic oil level controller to monitor the minimum oil level in the reservoir. ReservoirLubrication pumps in the OKG-OC range are equipped with a plastic reservoir with different capacities, ranging from 2,5 to 8 liter. Control unitThe OKG-OC series differ in control type. Depending on the pump type, they are delivered with or without an integrated EP-tronic control unit in the bottom housing. The EP-tronic control unit offers you:• 3 control functions: time, stroke or revolutions• Electronic monitoring of grease level, pump function, distributor function and lubricant feeding• Integrated data logger with diagnosis module DiSys Pump elements Up to 21 lubricant outlets can be installed on the pump. A separate pump element is required for each outlet. Five different pump elements with different flow rates are available for the OKG-OC Series. All pump elements are marked either with a groove or with a notch for a better differentiation. Type Metering volume PE5 0,005 cm3 per stroke and outletPE10 0,010 cm3 per stroke and outletPE15 0,015 cm3 per stroke and outletPE25 0,025 cm3 per stroke and outletPE50 0,050 cm3 per stroke and outlet e.

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