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  • The BEKA PFP-1U is a versatile pneumatic barrel pump which offers all features needed to run a machine without unplanned downtime. The PFP-1U can be used in a single-line, dual-line, progressive and sectional lubrication system as well as in a spray lubrication system.

    The pump is available for different barrel sizes, ranging from 20 up to 200 kg.

BEKA PFP-1U - Barrel Pumps

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    • System overview

      Pressure outlet with non-return valve
      A valve plate with sealing prevents that sucked lubricant is pressed back into the barrel via the suction drilling. A non-return valve avoids that lubricant is sucked back and lubricant is forwarded trough the supply pipe to the pressure outlet.

      Return connection for dual-line system
      For use of the PFP-1U barrel pump in a dual-line lubrication system, the pump cover is equipped with a return connection in the cover. This return connection enables the relieved lubricant to flow back into the barrel.

      Level indicator
      The visual level sensor measures the length from cover to follower piston, allowing a permanently monitored level.

      Pressure limiting valve
      The standardly installed pressure limiting valve protects the system against overload.

      Follower plate
      An follower plate with an intelligent follower piston contour in the container ensures that no air is sucked into the container. It also ensures that all the grease in the reservoir is used and prevents oxidation of the grease.

      Star handles
      The stability of the barrel pump is ensured via three connecting rods with star handles that are fixed on the ground. Different connection rod lengths are available for the different barrel sizes.

      Working principle
      The integrated change over valve in the barrel pump pressurizes the top- and underside of the drive piston. The stroke movements of the drive piston and the piston rod in the feed line controls the suction and pressure stroke. Lubricant is sucked via the suction drilling at the feed line and pushed to the lubrication points.

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