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Designed for self install


  • The MultiLine AC is a range of automatic lubrication systems designed for self-install on fifth wheels, tail lifts and trailers. This product enables the use of automatic lubrication on transport applications, where the return on investment can be challenging. Reservoirs come in sizes of 1.25, 2 or 3 liters. With all greasing points lubricated automatically, service intervals and the lifetime of equipment is extended. The kit is ready to be installed by your technicians. 

Groeneveld MultiLine AC - Multi-Line Lubrication

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    • The pre-loomed kit contains all the necessary items: injectors, tubing, connectors and adapters for complete installation.  A layout drawing is supplied for easy installation.  Approximately one hour is needed to install the pump and 15 minutes per lubrication point.  This is a quick installation and problem-free operation.

      Working principle

      From the integrated manifold, greasing lines go directly to the lubrication points.  The timer activates the pump, which gets grease to the points.  The amount of grease dispensed per pump activation and the number of pump activations per period are preset according to the grease demand of the equipment.

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