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SingleLine automatic lubrication system (


  • The SingleLine automatic lubrication system has a parallel operation and is suitable for up to NLGI-0 grease. The SingleLine is developed for equipment with a large number of lubrication points, such as low-loaders, articulated buses, trucks with drum brakes and trailers with steered axles. This lubrication system is used all over the world to ensure efficient and effective lubrication.

Groeneveld SingleLine - Single Line Lubrication

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    • When the pump is activated, grease is pumped to the distribution blocks. The metering units on the distribution blocks provide the required amount of grease to the lubrication points through secondary lines.

      Follower plate

      The pump is equipped with a follower plate to ensure that all the grease is used and that there is no funneling effect.  Also, grease is isolated from contaminants like dirt and water (this slows down its aging process).  The reservoir wall is kept clean, enabling you to check the grease level visually.

      Metering units

      The type and number of metering units used will determine the grease metering per lubrication point.  Grease quantities per lubrication point are adjustable with a selection of 11 different metering units.

      Secondary lines

      Secondary lines create the connection between the metering units and the lubrication points (flexible hoses/steel pipes). 

      Electronic timer

      The SingleLine system can be equipped with an electronic timer.  This controller will determine the interval and duration of the lubrication cycle, which can be set according to customer specifications.

      Pneumatic pump with brake counter

      Groeneveld offers a pneumatic pump with brake counter:  Trailers do not always have a constant power supply and the lubrication intervals of components often depends on the number of brake actions. The number of brake actions needed to start a lubrication cycle can be set according to customer specifications.

      Metering units and distribution blocks

      Groeneveld has a wide range of metering units and can be mounted in any required combination on brass distribution blocks.  Distribution blocks are available with 1 up to 18 outputs.



      Stainless steel metering units and distribution blocks

      Unique Groeneveld metering units and distribution blocks are also available in stainless steel.

      System overview

      A pneumatic SingleLine lubrication system consists of the following components:

      Pump unit 

      Distribution block(s)

      Metering units

      Grease lines from the metering units to the individual lubrication points

      Air supply

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