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Heavy-duty NLGI-2 automatic lubrication system


  • Twin XL is a dual-line automatic lubrication system for large machines used for earthmoving and mining operations in extreme conditions. As a parallel operation with two lines, Twin systems pump GreenLube grease efficiently to all points.

Groeneveld Twin XL - Dual Line Lubrication

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    • By activating the pump, grease is pumped to distribution blocks.  Metering units with a parallel operation, mounted on the distribution blocks, send pre-set amounts of grease to the lubrication points through secondary lines.

      Metering units

      Grease delivery per lubrication point is determined by the type and number of metering units.  With a selection of 13 different metering units, the amount of grease can be adjusted to the specific lubrication point.  Metering units and distribution blocks are made of solid brass (also available in stainless steel).

      Follower plate

      The pump is equipped with a follower plate to ensure that all the grease is used (no funneling effect).  GreenLube grease is isolated from dirt, dust and water, slowing down the aging process of grease (UV radiation has less effect).

      Secondary lines

      Secondary lines connect the metering units to the lubrication points.  Groeneveld offers customized tubing (flexible hoses, strong steel pipes) for each application.  

      Control unit

      The pump has a high quality control unit that is able to connect the pump to the CAN-bus circuit of the machine or vehicle and also has an internal memory and real-timer clock, allowing extensive diagnoses.

      Convenient, In-cab display

      In order to check system messages, the driver or operator does not have to leave the cabin.  When Error codes are presented on the in-cab display, it is possible to diagnose the system easily and quickly, limiting unplanned downtime

      Metering units and distribution blocks

      Thanks to the wide range of metering units (13 types with an output between 0.025 and 4.0 cc), each lubrication point will get exactly the pre-set correct amount of grease. By default, both the metering units and distribution blocks are made of solid brass.

       Stainless steel metering units and distribution blocks

      The unique Groeneveld-BEKA metering units and distribution blocks are also available in stainless steel.

      System overview

      A Twin XL automatic lubrication system consists of the following components:

      Grease reservoir and pump unit 

      Electrical connection

      Pressure switch

      Primary grease line A

      Primary grease line B

      Distribution block

      Metering unit

      Secondary grease lines to the individual lubrication points

      Connection to the lubrication point

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