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The SCAN~LINK Passive RFID Armour System™ utilizes RFID to alert the driver of a reversing vehicle that a ground worker is behind them and extra caution is required. It has been designed to reduce the probability of a struck-by accident by increasing the probability that tagged personnel working in close proximity to mobile equipment will be detected.


Ground workers wearing an Armour equipped Safety Vest and Hard Hat can be detected via the Passive RFID tags discretely installed in the apparel. What makes the Armour System unique is that any vehicle equipped with an Armour Antenna can detect any ground worker, on any job site if they are wearing an Armour equipped Safety Vest and/or Hard hat. The Antenna also records and stores valuable usage data such as the time, date and apparel ID of every detection event.


The SCAN~LINK Passive RFID Armour System™ consists of an Antenna, Display, External Alarm and Bracket and is designed to work with optional components and the SCAN~LINK Apparel.



Product Specifications


Antenna Unit


Housed in a rugged and sealed weatherproof enclosure, the beam-shaping antenna monitors the area behind the vehicle. The antenna system is designed to detect authentic next-generation SCAN~LINK Construction Safety Apparel and uses a reliable wireless link to relay its information to a display unit located near the equipment operator. The system also records and stores detection event data that can be retrieved for analysis.
Input Voltage +12VDC – +28VDC
Typical Range: 20 feet / 6 meters
Temperature Range: -20°C – +85°C / -4°F – +185°F
Frequencies Available: 902.3 – 927.7MHz, 920 – 926MHz, 865.7 – 867.5MHz


Display Unit


The hardy and compact Display Unit uses both a bright visual display (LEDs) and an audible alarm (adjustable volume) to alert the equipment operator when Armour safety apparel is detected. The Display Unit is linked wirelessly to the antenna and regular self-diagnostic checks ensure that the link to the antenna is present and the system is functioning normally.
Temperature Range: -20°C – +85°C / -4°F – +185°F
Volume Controls: Pushbutton Select
Power Consumption: 1W


External Alarm


The External Beeper Alarm is an essential accessory to the SCAN~LINK Armour System™. It is mounted on the outside of the mobile equipment to allow workers in the vicinity to hear a staccato alert warning on detection of a tagged worker in the danger zone.
Operating Voltage: +6VDC – +28VDC
Temperature Range: -20°C – +65°C / -4°F – + 149°F
Sound Pressure: 95±5db(S) at 6VDC at 25°C / 77°F, 109±5dB(A) at 28VDC at 25°C / 77°F


Mounting Bracket


The adjustable Antenna bracket has mounting holes on either side for securing the External Beeper Alarm. Simply unthread the washer from the alarm, insert the alarm into the mounting hole and thread the washer back on.
Maximum Angle: 90°
Finish: Heavy Duty Powder Coating



Armour System Single Node